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Earth Luxe Global Path - Handmade Soaps

The perfect marriage between science and nature aptly describes the Earth Luxe™ line of natural and “nearly natural” handmade bath & body soaps. Childhood curiosity led from a fascination of plants and herbs to the study of how the molecular make-up of these plants and herbs could transform to offer holistic healing benefits.

Earth Luxe™ Handmade Bath & Body Soaps were created to provide you with a mindful, eco-friendly solution to overall skin care. Our handmade soaps are made in the United States in the state Georgia and imbued with farm fresh ingredients from local farmers. This includes the honey and beeswax raised in the state’s apiaries. To be precise, more than 95% of our soaps are made with Georgian ingredients. We adhere to a strict NO ANIMAL TESTING policy and unlike lesser quality soaps, we do not include animal fats in the soaps instead opting for eco-friendly vegetable oils and butters in our creations.



Earth Luxe™ Soaps are handmade with 100% Natural and “Nearly Natural” ingredients. Our “Nearly Natural” soaps include the addition of phthalate/paraben-free fragrance oil harvested from the 40-year old heartwood of the Sandalwood tree. This environmentally friendly process is superior to non-sustainable essential oils found in other mass produced soaps. The colors found in the soap are all pure and natural, derived from mineral pigments, oxides, clays and mica.

We placed careful consideration into the development of the Earth Luxe™ Handmade Bath & Body Soaps so all you need to do is enjoy the healing and rejuvenative results. The absence of synthetic ingredients ensures no harmful ingredients are absorbed into the skin. So much more than a cleansing agent, our handmade bath & body soaps offer a multitude of epidermis wellness and aromatheraputic benefits. Glycerin, a natural bi-product of the soap making process, attracts moisture to the skin and retains if soothing and healing benefits long after its luxurious lather is washed away. And with the large variety of healing specific soaps, you are sure to find the best combinations for your specific skin care needs.


  • Refreshing scents that are subtle and more natural
  • It’s real, meaning that it doesn’t contain harmful or unnecessary ingredients that a lot of “soaps” today do
  • Higher likelihood that your skin won’t dry out or suffer from irritation as ingredients are gentle and safe
  • The absence of synthetic ingredients (which can be harmful when absorbed into the skin)