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Himalayan Crystal Salt Sphere Lamp


The Earth Luxe Himalayan Crystal Salt Sphere Lamp on wood base offers a holistic approach to home air purification. Natural salt formations are mined from the Himalayas. The formation is hand-chiseled to remove the core to allow for the addition of an electric lamp which radiates a soft pinkish orange glow. The heat of the light in the salt lamp attracts water vapors in the air. These vapors hold allergens and toxins which attach themselves to the salt lamp leaving the atmosphere clean. The lamp then releases clean water vapors back in to the air, providing an allergen/toxin free environment as well as imparting a variety of wellness and calming benefits including: improved breathing, less colds, increased relaxation, fewer headaches, improved ability to concentrate, improved sleep, and better overall well-being.



Kewra, Punjab, Pakistan

EARTH LUXE Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals are mined from a Salt Mine in Khewra, Punjab; a province in Pakistan. This mine is located in the Salt Range Hills. The Salt Range begins in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and stretches from the Jhelum River to the Indus River. There are six primary mines scattered across the Salt Range and each produces unique, varied and distinct salts. Skilled tradesmen mine the salt by hand, using traditional methods so there is little to no pollution or waste by-products from manufacturing.  Learn More >


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